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Note: Please feel free to ask any questions you have regarding how to buy the vehicle through us AutoCats!

Step 1): Choose your vehicle

First,choose vehicle from the stock can choose from the three choices i.e stock in Japan,stock in ship and stock in showroom.

note: Please make sure all your detail carefully, that will be used for the Sales Agreement.

Step 2): Discuss Price & Conditions

Once you have identified the vehicle of your liking, we can discuss about the price and the can do that through a leaving a message  and we will get backto you within a period of 10 minutes.


Total Price :
   FOB Price (not including freight cost) or
   C&F Price (including freight cost)
   Body condition of the Vehicle


note: ‘Message-Board’ is similar to web-chat-system that allows to communicate on the ‘message board’ that are exchanged by only buyer/seller. The communications are secured over the internet by SSL(Secure Socket Layer).

Step 3): Click the “Order Now!

Once you have come to an agreement on the price and conditions of the vehicle you will place an order by clicking the 'ORDER NOW!' icon below the chosen car.Fill in the form with all the required details and the submit.


note: when you click ‘Confirm to Buy’, please send the ‘Web-Message’ for us.

Step 4): Payment

The vehicle will be hold as your reserve for 48 hours after we receive your ‘Confirm to Buy’.
You can make the payments in the following ways:

(a) Payment by Remittance to local bank

One way will be local remittance.

note 1:Please add payment information (Proforma invoice number, the reference number of your car & consignee name) in the column of your remittance, if you choose local remittance as your payment. More detailed sender information should help us to specify the remittance & the car chosen.

(b) Payment on cash basis

You can also pay cash to our office.

Step 5): Delivery of the Vehicle

The vehicle delivery will be done at your Door Step.